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Upcycled Cork Place Holders

Give your table setting a unique and eco-friendly touch with these upcycled cork place holders. Each holder is carefully crafted from recycled wine corks, making them not only stylish but also sustainable. These table card holders are perfect for weddings, dinner parties, or any special event where you want to add a special touch to your table decor. The natural texture and color variations of the cork add a rustic charm to your table setting, while also being a conversation starter among your guests. The versatility of these upcycled cork holders allows you to personalize them to match your event theme or color scheme, adding a personal touch to your table decor. Whether you are hosting a formal dinner or a casual gathering, these unique table card holders will surely impress your guests and make your table setting stand out.

Supplies Needed:

  • 3 Corks per holder
  • Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks
  • Scissors
  • Twine or String
  • Lace Trim or Ribbon

The first thing you need to do is glue the corks together in the center. Glue the first two together making sure to leave a gap from the top so that it is not filled with glue. Then glue the third one right over where you just glue those. Also, make sure you leave a gap of glue at the top of that one too.

The reason you are not gluing all the way to the end is that you need that space to slide the card with the name or table number in it.

Next, you want to glue one end of the lace to the center of the corks. Then wrap the lace all the way around them. Cut off the extra lace and glue that end in place right over the first one you glued.

Now take some twine and wrap it a few times around the corks right over the lace. Tie it in a bow and cut off the extra twine.

That is it! You now have a cute way to hold name cards or table numbers! Simply slide them in the slit at the top of the corks.

If you are looking for something to make the cards with, you can use cut index cards, scrap cardboard boxes like from a cereal box or anything that is a little thicker that you may have on hand.

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