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DIY Teapot Birdhouse

Looking for a creative and whimsical addition to your garden? Why not try making your very own teapot birdhouse? This delightful DIY project is not only a great way to repurpose an old teapot but also provides a cozy and charming home for your feathered friends. Not only have you created a charming addition to your garden, but you've also provided a safe and cozy home for your feathered friends. Get ready to be amazed by the joy and beauty these little visitors will bring to your outdoor space. If you're a nature enthusiast looking to add a touch of whimsy to your garden, why not embark on a delightful DIY project and create your very own teapot birdhouse. 

First off, here are the supplies you will need to make this DIY teapot birdhouse.


  • 1 Teapot with removable lid
  • 1 Small piece of string (about 4 inches long)
  • Permanent Markers
  • Small piece of fabric
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • 1 Hot Glue Stick
  • Handful of straw or grass
  • 1 Piece of twine or string (about 12 inches long)
  • Scissors

How To Make This DIY Birdhouse:

Take the fabric and cut out four small triangles. Small, but yet large enough that you can write one letter on.

Then take the marker and write letters to spell home on each of the four triangles. After that, you will hot glue those to the center of the 4-inch piece of string (I used craft/baker’s twine).

Now remove the lid from the top of the teapot. Then you can glue the string banner you just made draped over the hole to the top of the teapot birdhouse.

It is up to you, it can be centered like I did or you can place it more to the side if you want.

Now that you have it decorated, you can put the string in place to hang it.

Simply knot the two ends of the 12-inch string together. Then place it through the handle and run it back through itself so that it stays attached to the handle.

Then you can choose where you want to hang it and loop the string over a branch. Add a small handful of straw or grass in the pot after you have hung the teapot birdhouse.

Frequently Asked Questions For Teapot Birdhouse:

Q. Do you have to put a banner on the birdhouse?
A. No! If you like just the look of the teapot you have, feel free to hang it up as is.

Q. Should you block the hole of the spout so baby birds do not fall in and get stuck?
A. You can if you would like. Just be sure that if you do cover/plug it, you make sure you have some small drain holes in it. Birds make lots of liquid messes and it needs to be able to drain.

Note: this is not normally a step that is needed as birds will make their own nest inside the teapot that is safe for their babies. However, if you are worried about it, you can close it off as noted above.

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