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Half-Square Triangle Patchwork Pincushion

Create a charming pincushion using a patchwork design made up of half-square triangles. This unique pincushion will not only be a practical sewing accessory but also a beautiful addition to your crafting space. By carefully arranging the half-square triangles, you can achieve different patterns and color combinations to suit your personal style. The patchwork technique adds a touch of creativity and flair to an otherwise ordinary pincushion, making it a fun and rewarding project for any sewing enthusiast. Experiment with different fabrics and colors to customize your half-square triangle patchwork pincushion to match your sewing room decor or to give as a thoughtful handmade gift to a fellow crafter. The process of creating the patchwork design can be a relaxing and enjoyable way to spend an afternoon, allowing you to express your creativity through fabric selection and arrangement. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced quilter, this project offers a great opportunity to hone your skills and create a practical yet beautiful item that will be used and appreciated for years to come.


  • cotton fabric in two different patterns (measurement depend on how large you want to make the pincushion).
  • pins
  • cutting board
  • rotary cutter
  • quilting ruler
  • matching thread
  • sewing machine
  • pressing iron
  • blunt tool for pushing corners
  • small pom pom
  • hand stitch needle
  • poly-fill
  • elastic
  • Use your quilting ruler, cutting board and rotary cutter to square up the fabrics to the desired size. For my small pincushion I cut my squares 3 1/2″ x 3 1/2″.
  • Place the squares right sides together.

  • Cut on the diagonal to split the squares into 2 separate sets of triangles.

  • Sew each set along the diagonal, with 1/8″ allowance.

  • Press the seams up and trim the little triangles at each end of the seams.

  • You now have two new squares.
  • Place these squares right sides together, with the same color triangles on opposite directions.
  • Cut again on the opposite diagonal.

  • Sew the diagonal with 1/8″ allowance.
  • Press the seam up and trim the little triangles at the end of the seams.
  • You now have the final squares you’re gonna use to make the pincushion.

  • Place these squares right sides together.

  • Pin and sew all sides with 1/4″ allowance, leaving a small gap in one side.

  • Clip the corners.
  • Trim the sides and upper seams to 1/8″. Do not trim the bottom seam.

  • Open the bottom seam and press it up.

  • Turn the pincushion right side out and push the corners out with the blunt tool.

Fill the pincushion with poly-fill through the gap

  • Sew the gap closed using a ladder stitch.
  • Get the elastic and sew the ends together to make a circle.
  • Sew the elastic to the back of the pincushion.

  • Sew a pom pom in the middle of the pincushion.

Your lovely patchwork pincushion is now ready to use! Place the pincushion on your sewing machine in a handy place so you can easily discard the pins without making a mess on your table and surroundings

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