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Mermaid Fairy Garden

Let your creativity flourish as you personalize your garden with tiny treasures, such as miniature mermaid figurines, whimsical fairy houses, and delicate seashell pathways. This craft is not only a delightful way to spend your time, but it also allows you to create a magical world that will continue to inspire and enchant long after the craft is complete. So, gather your materials, unleash your imagination, and embark on a journey to create a Mermaid Fairy Garden Craft that will leave you spellbound.

Supplies needed:

Miniature mermaid (find a cute set of three here.)
White sand or white gravel filler (find a 28 ounce bag here.)
Large terra cotta flower pot saucer
Assorted wood tile letters ( I love this set from Amazon)
Colorful sea shells (find a huge lot of rainbow dyed shells here)
Glass stones
Miniature sand castles and glitter bottles (find a cute set of three castles here, or some empty fairy bottles perfect for filling with glitter here.)
Large assorted shells

Alright now let’s get swimming! Now things really get easy because it is just a matter of assembling your mermaid fairy garden craft. I prefer not to glue anything into place, that way the kids can play with this as they wish and move things around which they will.

First, fill your terra cotta saucer about 3/4 of the way full with the filler of your choice. Smooth the filler out when you are done so it is easy to place items on top of. Now, go ahead and add those accessories. Place taller items towards the back so they don’t obstruct the view of anything. Leave smaller items to the front. For ours, we placed the mermaid first and let the accessories build around her.

You can create some water by layering the glass stones up next against each other. You can create pathways using the colorful little shells. And of course, don’t forget the fill one of the larger shells with your mermaid’s collection of magic. Small accents are what really makes this mermaid fairy garden.

Don’t forget you still have your wood tile letters. Spell out a word of your choice and stick the tiles into the filler so they are standing upright. For ours we used the word BEACH. Why not?

Play around with the accessories until you find a look you love. Now you might be wondering how to add some “garden” to this mermaid garden. It is too chilly where I live now, but I will be adding some mini succulents to this mermaid fairy garden the moment I get the chance. For now, the kids will love playing with it like this.

I hope you love this mermaid fairy garden and are inspired to build your own! Grab your supplies and see what sort of variation you can come up with!

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