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Paper Bag Easter Baskets

Easter is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than with unique and creative Easter baskets? Forget the traditional wicker baskets and opt for something more fun and eco-friendly - paper bag Easter baskets! These baskets are not only easy to make, but they also add a touch of charm to your Easter festivities. These paper bag Easter baskets are not only a fun DIY project, but they also have a positive impact on the environment. By repurposing paper bags, you're reducing waste and promoting sustainability. Plus, they're lightweight and easy to store, making them a practical choice for Easter celebrations. So, gather your crafting supplies and let your imagination run wild as you create your own unique paper bag Easter baskets this year!


  • paper bags (I used lunch sacks - you will need two bags per basket)
  • scissors
  • hot glue
  • Easter printed designs
  • ribbon (I used a narrow strip of this handmade dyed ribbon, made from a cotton sheer curtain)

I'll do my best to explain the steps below, but I know we all process things differently. If there's any step that confuses you, please reach out via email and ask!

Steps to make paper bag Easter treat baskets

1. Measure down from the top of the bag about 5-1/2" and cut along the side seam on each side of the bag. How far down you cut determines how tall your basket will be, so adjust as needed.
2. Fold each side of the bag down several times until you get to the end.
3. Refer to the picture to see how your basket should be looking at this point.
4. Cut the end off another bag and fold the bag itself into thirds.
5. Cut along the folded lines to get 10 strips.
6. Fold each strip of paper in half lengthwise.
7. Glue two strips together (mark the middle of one strip and glue the second strip at the middle point). You'll do this 4x so you'll end up with 4 double strips using 8 pieces of paper.
8. Squeeze and twist each strip of careful not to rip the paper!
9. Twist the strips together. Your four strips will become two strips and then one strip. At this point, it will be very sturdy. This will be your basket's handle.*
10. Tie a ribbon at each end to hold the strips together and glue to the sides of the basket.

* you could also try braiding the strips together

Tips for success:

  1. if you want your basket to be sturdier and last longer, use two paper bags, one inside the other
  2. work gently so as not to rip the paper
  3. glue the ends of the handle to the space between the folds at each side of the basket
  4. a sheer, thin ribbon is best because you can make it really tight and securely tie the ends of the basket handle together
  5. if you prefer not to use ribbon, glue the ends of the handle inside the basket

Decorate Easter basket

Now it's time to decorate and customize your DIY basket. Print out and glue the decorative printable to the front of the basket, add extra ribbon and even a stamped tag. I used these stamps, this ink and strips of cardstock to make simple Easter greetings.

You could decorate with stickers, paint, whatever you can think of! Consider stamping the child's name on the bag to personalize it, or use alphabet stickers.

I stuffed my baskets with crinkled shredded paper and added my favorite pastel speckled eggs. Isn't this soft color pretty?

What else can I add to Easter baskets?

  • If you have young children or grandkids, small toys or craft kits are a fun addition
  • Fill your basket with Easter candy, in the form of chocolate, jelly beans, and plastic eggs filled with treats
  • My favorite bunny munch mix (grab the recipe here) would be a yummy and appreciated addition, especially for adult kids (add the mix to a plastic bag first)
  • If you're gifting to a teacher or hostess, consider adding a floral stem like a beautiful peony (stick into a foam ball inside a terracotta pot for weight and cover top with moss)
  • A Spring bloom in a small pot, like a hyacinth, would be very special
  • Easter decor, like this little bunny pillow hanging (tutorial coming soon) or a trio of my drop cloth DIY carrots would also make cute basket filler

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