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Felt Easter Egg Treat Bag

Get ready to embark on an exciting Easter adventure with our delightful Easter Egg Surprise Bag! This unique treat bag is designed to add an extra element of fun and anticipation to your Easter celebrations. Made from high-quality felt, this bag is not only durable but also exudes a charming and festive vibe. Its vibrant colors and intricate design make it a perfect accessory for Easter egg hunts, parties, or even as a gift bag for your loved ones. Whether you're planning an Easter egg hunt or simply want to add a touch of whimsy to your celebrations, our Felt Egg Treat Bag is the perfect choice. Its sturdy construction ensures that it can withstand the excitement and energy of little ones, while its charming design will bring a smile to everyone's face. So, why wait? Let the joy of Easter come alive with our delightful Felt Egg Treat Bag!


Use one piece of A4-size felt sheet in one color only for each bag, or use various mix-and-match colors for the front and back sides of the pouch.

To attach the ribbon on the front side, use tacky glue or stitch it with embroidery floss. If you prefer, you can add ribbon pieces on both sides.

  • Felt, various colors or pastel colors only
  • Easter egg treat bag template
  • Ribbon
  • Pin
  • Scissors
  • Seam ripper
  • Lighter to seal the ribbon’s raw edge
  • Ruler
  • Yarn, thread, or embroidery floss
  • Hand stitch needle or embroidery needle

Fillable Easter Egg Treat Bag Tutorial

Pin two felt sheets together, which can be the same or two different colors.

Trace the egg template on the felt, mark two spots on the felt as shown on the template then cut the egg-shaped.

Put each ribbon piece on the egg shape felt across the width to measure the length of the ribbon.
Cut the ribbon to follow the egg-shaped edge. It should be slightly curved. The ribbon pieces will be around 3.5″ each, more or less, depending on the placement of the ribbon on the felt egg shape.

Use a lighter to seal the ribbon’s raw cutting edge.
Pin the ribbon on the felt. Both sealed edges should be aligned with the egg-shaped edge.
Repeat the process for the other ribbon pieces.

Pin both felt egg-shaped pieces together. Mark two spots 2.5″ apart on the top edge for the stitch ends.
Stitch the edge to the marked spots.

Make two little slits around the top on the front and back sides by using a seam ripper or scissors.

Insert the ribbon into the two slits on the back sides of the bag.

Put some treats or little toys into the pouch, insert the ribbon into the front side of the bag, then knot it to make a bow.
The Easter felt egg bag is ready for gift-giving or an Easter egg hunt.

This fillable Easter egg pouch has a knotted ribbon to secure the treat inside the bag so it won’t spill or fall off. I use the knotted ribbon fastener from this felt envelope tutorial.

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