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Crochet Tomato Amigurumi

Create a charming amigurumi tomato using the art of crochet. This fun and creative project involves using various crochet techniques to bring a cute and whimsical tomato to life. By following a crochet pattern and using colorful yarn, you can craft a unique amigurumi that can be used as a decoration, toy, or even a keychain. The process of crocheting an amigurumi tomato allows you to practice your crochet skills while also creating a delightful and eye-catching piece. This project is perfect for both beginners and experienced crocheters looking for a fun and rewarding project. Whether you're making it for yourself or as a gift for a friend, this crochet tomato amigurumi is sure to bring a smile to anyone's face.


  • Yarn 4/ Medium Weight Yarn in...
  • Red and green

    • 4mm Crochet Hook
    • Tapestry needle
    • Scissors
    • Stuffing
    • Black embroidery thread
    • Hot glue gun (Optional)
    • 8mm safety eyes

    Additional Information:

    • Difficulty: Easy
    • Size: 3" tall


    In Red:

    Round 1: 6 Sc into a Magic Ring (6)

    Round 2: *Inc* all around (12)

    Round 3: *Inc, Sc in the next st* all around (18)

    Round 4: *Inc, Sc in the next 2 st* all around (24)

    Round 5-7: *Sc* all around (24)

    Add a differently colored eye stitch marker into the 10th and 13th stitch in Round 7.

    Round 8-10: *Sc* all around (24)

    Add the eyes into the marked areas now.

    Round 11: *Dec, Sc in the next 2 st* all around (18)

    Round 12: *Dec, Sc in the next st* all around (12)

    Stuff the tomato firmly now.

    Round 13: *Dec* all around (6)

    Finish off and sew the remaining stitches together. Weave in ends.

    Tomato Top:

    In Green

    Round 1: 6 Sc into a Magic Ring (6)

    Round 2: Working in the Back Loop Only (BLO),

    *Sc* all around (6)

    Round 3: Working in BOTH loops, *Sc* all around (6)

    Round 4: Repeat *Ch 3. SISt in the 2nd Ch from the hook, Dc in the next Ch. Working back on the circle, Sist in the next st* 6 times.

    Finish off, leaving a long tail for sewing. Pin the tomato's top on as shown. Sew or hot glue on.

    Once done, weave in ends and cut any excess yarn.


    In Black Embroidery Thread

    Insert needle into the middle area of the

    tomato as shown (Pic 1) and pull needle out at the left of the toy's eye as shown (Pic 1).

    Reinsert needle into the middle of the tomato (Pic 2) and pull needle out next to the toy's right eye (Pic 2). Reinsert needle into the middle of the tomato as shown (Pic 3) and pull

    needle out nearby. Tie ends of thread into firm knots and bring knots inside the toy to hide. Cut any excess yarn.

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