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Bunny Topiary Wreath for your door

Imagine a charming and whimsical decoration for your home - a Bunny Topiary Wreath. This delightful piece features a cute bunny shape crafted from lush greenery, creating a unique and eye-catching focal point for any room or outdoor space. The intricate details of the topiary design bring a touch of elegance and nature-inspired beauty to your decor, making it a perfect addition for spring or Easter celebrations. Whether hung on your front door to welcome guests or displayed indoors as a centerpiece, this Bunny Topiary Wreath is sure to bring a smile to everyone who sees it. The topiary wreath can also be a fun DIY project for the whole family to enjoy, allowing you to create memories while crafting a beautiful piece of decor. No matter how you choose to display it, the Bunny Topiary Wreath is a charming and creative way to add a touch of nature and whimsy to your home.

Materials: crepe paper in shades of green, scissors, embroidery hoops in two different sizes (I used a 4″ and 8″, wire cutters (not pictured), wire (not pictured), floral tape, glue gun, ribbon (optional)

Step 1: Attach the two hoops together with floral tape.
Step 2: Make 2 “bunny ears” out of wire leaving about 4 inches on one end to wrap around the hoop.

Step 3: Wrap the bunny ears around the smaller hoop at the top.

Step 4: Make leaves. I cut 3 at a time by folding the paper accordion style. My leaves are about 1: tall and 1/2″ wide.
Step 5: Layer the leaves on top of each other going around the hoops.

Step 6: Finish it off with a ribbon if you like.


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