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How to Make a Gardening Bucket Apron

Discover the wonders of the Gardening Bucket Apron - a must-have sewing pattern for all gardening enthusiasts! This innovative design combines practicality and style, allowing you to keep all your gardening tools within arm's reach while adding a touch of flair to your gardening attire. With this pattern, you can create a customized apron that perfectly fits your needs and personal style. This sewing pattern provides you with the opportunity to unleash your creativity and create a functional masterpiece. The apron features multiple pockets and compartments, allowing you to store your gardening gloves, pruning shears, seed packets, and other essentials conveniently. Whether you're a seasoned gardener or just starting out, this pattern will help you stay organized and make your gardening experience even more enjoyable. So grab your sewing machine, choose your favorite fabrics, and get ready to sew your way to a stylish and practical gardening accessory!

What you will Need:

  • 1 1/2 yds of main fabric
  • 1 1/2 yds of coordinating fabric
  • Optional 1 1/2 yds of a third fabric – I just used more of my main fabric
  • 63″ shoelace
  • 1 grommet or eyelet

What you will Need Bucket Apron

Step 1: How to Make a Gardening Bucket Apron

Cut your fabrics as follows:

  • 14″ x 37″ main fabric x 2
  • 7 1/2″ x 46″ coordinating fabric keeping the fold in place lengthwise
  • 4 1/2″ x 46″ third fabric or main fabric keeping the fold in place lengthwise

Step 2: How to Make a Gardening Bucket Apron

Pleat your coordinating fabric. Your coordinating fabric will be two layers with the fold in the center. The fold will be the top of the pockets of your bucket apron. Having this in mind, measure 6″ from the end and place a mark using a Frixion heat erasable pen. Place another mark 3/4″ to the right of the mark and another 3/4″ to the right of the previous mark.


Mark for the pleats

Step 3: How to Make a Gardening Bucket Apron

Using the center of the three lines as your guide fold the first mark so that it is even with the center mark and fold the third mark so it is also even with the center mark. This creates a pleat. Pin both sides of the pleat. This is important. Continue making pleats so that they are 6″ apart. You may have some extra fabric left at the end of your pleating but you can just cut that off.

Fold the Pleats

Step 4: How to Make a Gardening Bucket Apron

Attach the coordinating pleats to the main fabric piece so the wrong side of the pleats are face down on the right side of the main fabric. Sew a line of stitching from the fold to the bottom through the center line. This will create the dividers for the pockets. Make sure not to sew the folded pleats.

Sew down the center

Step 5: How to Make a Gardening Bucket Apron

Sew a line 1/4″ from the bottom through each of the pleats to hold them in place.

Sew across the bottom

Step 6: How to Make a Gardening Bucket Apron

Place the third piece of fabric on top of the pleated pockets so that the raw edges are aligned. Sew lines over your previous center lines to create flat pockets. You should now have a main piece with pleated pockets and flat pockets sewn together.

Sew the pockets

Step 7: How to Make a Gardening Bucket Apron

Place the second outer piece right sides together with the pocket piece. Starting at the top 2/3 from the left edge begin sewing using a 1/2″ seam allowance. Stitch until you reach the side and stop. Measure down 3/4″ from this seam line and begin sewing down the side, along the bottom and up the other side. Stop sewing 1 1/4″ from the top. Sew along the top so that you have completed the first 1/3. There will be an opening at the top for turning and two 3/4″ openings at the side seams. Clip the corners making sure that you do not clip through the stitching. Turn the piece right sides out through the opening. Push out the corners and press.

Place outer fabric right sides together

Step 8: How to Make a Gardening Bucket Apron

Top stitch around the entire apron except for the openings in the side seams using a 1/8″ seam allowance. This will give the apron a finished look and close up the opening in the top.

Step 9: How to Make a Gardening Bucket Apron

Remove one side of the handle from the bucket. Place the apron around the bucket to determine where the hole for the handle will go. Mark the place for the hole and add the grommet or eyelet following the manufacturers instructions.

Add the grommet or eyelet

Step 10: How to Make a Gardening Bucket Apron

Sew a seam just under the 3/4″ openings that you left in the side seams across the top of the apron. This will create the channel for the shoelace to go through. Thread the shoe lace through the channel. You will use the shoe lace to tie the apron to the bucket or around your waist.

Step 10: How to Make a Gardening Bucket Apron

Tie the apron around your bucket and fill it full of your gardening tools and you have finished your gardening bucket apron.

Finished Bucket Apron


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