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DIY Spring Wreath – 10 Minute Craft

Embrace your creativity and bring the vibrant colors of spring into your home with a DIY spring wreath. This fun and easy project allows you to personalize your wreath to match your style and add a touch of seasonal charm to your front door or any other space in your home. Start by gathering a variety of materials such as faux flowers, greenery, a wreath base, and decorative elements like ribbons or bows. Whether it's a traditional grapevine wreath or a foam wreath form. Next, choose a color scheme that reflects the freshness of spring, such as pastel hues or vibrant blossoms. Arrange your faux flowers and greenery around the wreath base, securing them with floral wire or hot glue. Feel free to mix and match different textures and sizes to create a visually appealing arrangement.


A grapevine wreath form, ribbon, three small bunches of flowers, hot glue and a glue gun is all you will need to make your own DIY spring wreath.

To start, cut off the long ends on all of your flowers. I cut my flowers to about 5 inches for each flower.

Next I started laying them out going from the top down, making sure there weren’t holes where you could see the wreath form. Glue those flowers down. I used about one bunch of flowers per section.

Once you have one bunch of flowers glued down, take a small piece of your ribbon, that will wrap all the way around your wreath form and glue it in place directly under your flowers at a slight angle.

If you’re confused, keep reading and look at the pictures below.

Now do your second bunch of flowers in the same way but place them so that you can see the ribbon over the top of them. Repeat the same process including placing a piece of ribbon at the bottom of that section.

Now it’s time for the third and final section. You’re going to do it the same exact way except for one part.

Start the flowers slightly below the second ribbon again but this time you want to tuck the ends of the flowers down into the grapevine wreath as you go.

Why? Because this is your final section and you don’t want the green ends hanging out from under the ribbon.

It’s easy to tuck them down into the wreath but if you have problems with hand strength or can’t get them into your wreath, you can glue them down extra well and then clip off any longer parts that would show out from under the ribbon.

The best part about making your own wreaths and crafts is that you can do whatever you want! Make this wreath what you want it to be.

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