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Valentine’s Pom Pom Wreath DIY

Create your own unique Valentine's Day decoration with this fun and easy DIY project - the Valentine's Pom Pom Wreath! This wreath is not only a beautiful addition to your home decor, but it also adds a touch of warmth and love to any space. This delightful project allows you to unleash your inner artist and create a stunning wreath that will impress your loved ones and guests alike. Hang it on your front door, above the fireplace, or anywhere else that needs a little Valentine's Day charm.

Materials needed:

  • A heart wreath form
  • Yarn in your choice of color. I used standard white yarn.
  • A pom pom maker set
  • Hot glue gun – I just got this one. The stand suctions to the table and has a silicone drip tray.
  • Sharp scissors – I use the little scissors in this set all of the time. I actually have 2 sets.

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