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DIY Dried Flower Napkin Rings

Create Your Own Dried Flower Napkin Rings: Elevate your table setting with these charming DIY dried flower napkin rings. This simple yet elegant project allows you to bring the beauty of nature to your dining experience. Start by gathering an assortment of flowers that you would like to preserve. Choose blooms that are in full bloom and have vibrant colors to ensure a visually stunning result. Arrange the blooms in a single layer on a clean surface, ensuring that they are not touching each other. Leave them to air dry for about two weeks in a cool, dark place. This will allow the flowers to retain their shape and color while drying out completely. After the drying period, gently touch the flowers to ensure they are crisp and no longer pliable. If they still feel soft, give them a few more days to dry. Once they are fully dried, you can proceed to the next step of creating your napkin rings.

Materials needed:

  • strawflowers
  • Dried flowers
  • pink gomphrena, purple goomphrena
  • craspedia (aka billy balls/buttons)
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