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Crochet It’s Boiling Potholder

Prepare to be amazed by the "Boiling Point Potholder"! This crochet wonder is specifically crafted to tackle the scorching temperatures of your kitchen with ease. Bid farewell to those pesky burns and welcome a kitchen essential that not only shields your hands but also adds a dash of charm to your culinary haven. The intricate crochet work forms an exquisite pattern that not only serves a practical purpose but also catches the eye with its sheer beauty. Crafted from premium yarn, this potholder boasts exceptional durability while providing a plush feel for a comfortable grip when handling hot cookware. With its vibrant hues and distinctive design, the "Boiling Point Potholder" is guaranteed to become a focal point in your kitchen, sparking conversations and admiration from all who lay eyes on it.

Materials needed:

  • Yarn 
  •  Crochet hook 3.0 mm
  • 2 rings of wood (4 cm)
  • Stitch marker

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