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Sugar Jar Snowman Craft

The Sugar Jar Snowman Craft is a fun and easy DIY project that is perfect for the winter season. This adorable snowman can be used as a decoration for your home or as a gift for friends and family. You can also get creative and add your own personal touches, such as adding a top hat or a tiny broom. This craft is a great way to spend a cold winter afternoon and will bring a festive touch to any room. This project is easy and fun to make with the simple stated materials. This project is sure to impress everyone after completion. 

Materials needed:

  • Sugar Pourer Jar or Cheese Shaker Jar
  • Snowman Head Ornament
  • Epsom Salt 
  • Black Buttons 
  • Christmas Ribbon OR scrap of flannel (20 x 1.5 inch)

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