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Felt Paper Doll

Felt paper dolls have been a beloved toy for children for decades. These small, fabric dolls are made out of colorful pieces of felt and can be dressed up in various outfits and accessories. They are a fun and creative way for children to express themselves and use their imagination. Felt paper dolls have stood the test of time and continue to be a beloved toy for children. They offer endless opportunities for imaginative play, develop fine motor skills, and have educational and therapeutic benefits. With their colorful and durable design, it is no wonder that they have been a cherished part of childhood for generations.

Materials needed:

  • Craft Felt: “skin” color, “hair” color and white
  • Batting (just a little bit)
  • Sewing Machine and Coordinating Thread
  • Fabric Scraps
  • Heat’N Bond Iron On Adhesive
  • Oil Pastels and a Q-tip
  • Felt Doll Pattern 

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