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Simple Harvest Apron

The harvest apron is a versatile and practical garment that has been used for centuries by farmers and gardeners alike. It is designed to be worn while working in the fields, orchards, or gardens, and is specifically made to hold all the necessary tools and supplies needed for harvesting. This essential piece of clothing not only protects the wearer's clothing from dirt and stains, but also increases productivity by keeping everything within easy reach. Aside from its functionality, the harvest apron can also be a stylish accessory.

Materials needed:

  • Woven fabrics- quilting cotton, linen, shirting, flannel, etc.
  • It’s best to use a fabric with no clear front and back, as you can see the wrong side of the fabric while wearing it.
  • Yardage is for 44″ wide fabrics:
  • Small & Medium: 1 1/4 yards
  • Large: (All pieces cut crossgrain) 1 1/2 yards
  • X Large: (All pieces cut crossgrain) 1 7/8 yard

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