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DIY Clay Magnets with Sculpey

Create your own unique clay magnets using Sculpey with this easy DIY project. Let your creativity flow as you mold and shape the clay into any design you desire. From cute animals to funky patterns, the possibilities are endless. With its soft and pliable texture, this clay is perfect for creating intricate designs. From geometric shapes to intricate patterns, you can let your imagination run wild. These magnets will not only hold your notes and pictures but also showcase your creativity.

Materials needed:

  • Sculpey III Clay:
  • Frog Colors - Emerald, White, Black, Ballerina
  • Strawberry Colors - Poppy, Emerald, White
  • Happy Face Colors - Spring Lilac, Dusty Rose, Ballerina, Yellow, Black
  • Clay Roller
  • Oven-Bake Clay Adhesive
  • Mini Metal Cutters
  • Circle Cutter
  • Gloss Glaze + Brush
  • Sculpting Tool Set
  • Magnets + Glue
  • Optional: Cotton Swabs + Rubbing Alcohol (to remove any unwanted dust/lint)

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