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DIY Rice Heating Pad With Applique Words

Create your own rice heating pad with applique words using this simple DIY tutorial. Instead of buying a pre-made heating pad, you can personalize it with your favorite words or phrases. This project allows you to express your creativity while also providing a soothing and comforting heat source. Once your applique words are in place, your DIY rice heating pad is ready to use. Simply heat it in the microwave for a few minutes and enjoy the soothing warmth it provides. This homemade heating pad is not only functional but also adds a personal touch to your self-care routine.

Materials needed:

  • Cotton fabric 100% cotton flannel can be used
  • 100% wool felt for letters
  • Cotton batting
  • A few cups of rice for filling and a funnel for filling, dry and uncooked rice only
  • Optional: dried lavender or other flower for added aromatherapy scent
  • Sewing machine, scissors, rotary cutter, cutting mat, ruler
  • 100% Cotton thread

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