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How to Make Jar Candles at Home for Fall

Making jar candles at home for fall is a fun and creative way to enhance the cozy atmosphere during the season. Not only will it allow you to customize the scents and colors to match your preferences, but it can also be a cost-effective alternative to store-bought candles. Additionally, making jar candles at home allows you to use natural and sustainable materials, ensuring a more environmentally friendly approach to enjoying the warm glow and aromatic ambiance of fall. By following a few simple steps, you can embark on a fulfilling DIY project and create beautiful jar candles that will impress everyone.

Materials needed:

  • Jars. Heat-resistance glass is a must.
  • Floating Candles
  • Orange
  • Cloves: Two tablespoons
  • Cinnamon: Three to four cinnamon sticks
  • Orange oil: Four to five drops
  • Thyme oil: Five drops
  • Water

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