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DIY Flat Pencil Pouch

Creating a DIY flat pencil pouch is a fun and practical way to organize and store your stationery items. You can customize the size, fabric, and design to suit your personal style and needs. By following a few simple steps and using basic sewing skills, you can easily make a flat pencil pouch that is not only functional but also reflects your creativity and individuality. It's a great activity for anyone looking to incorporate a touch of personalization and organization into their daily life. Whether you're a student, a professional, or a creative individual, a DIY flat pencil pouch allows you to keep your stationery items neatly organized while still adding a personal touch to your supplies.

Materials needed:

  • exterior fabric
  • lining fabric
  • medium weight fusible interfacing
  • 10″ ring pull zipper (or longer)

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