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Lily the Cat Amigurumi

Lily the Cat is a delightful and charming project ideal for cat lovers and crochet enthusiasts. With its detailed instructions and step-by-step guidance, this pattern allows crafters to create a beautifully crafted amigurumi cat named Lily. The pattern includes clear instructions for crocheting each component of the cat, from the body to the arms and ears. Crafters can also customize their cat by choosing different colors for the body and adding embellishments such as bows or collars. This pattern serves as a valuable resource for those seeking to create their own unique and personalized amigurumi cat.

Materials needed:

  • Yarn
  • Filler: Holofiber 
  • Hooks: 2mm for kitty and 2.5mm for dress
  • Eyes plastic 10 mm

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1 comment
Jul 09, 2023 07:07 PM

This is so cute and will make great gift.