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Karen ButterfieldWhere do you live? 20 days ago
Burnsville Minnesota 
Karen ButterfieldHow to make Flower Tower Garden 20 days ago
did you ever get the directions? 
and also the yarn type & #
I agree, we need written instructions 
Patti KensrueCrochet Broomstick Lace Stitch Pattern 25 days ago
Please, can we have written instruction, hook size...
EllenWhere do you live? 26 days ago
I live in San Antonio, Texas.  No pictures to show...
ShirleyHow to Make a Crocheted Hammock 26 days ago
Check for knots on Pinterest, cool idea, could eve...
i would love to have the pattern for the jean pock...
ChristelTOP 20 Creative ideas of old jeans 26 days ago
Can the pattern be brought?
Debra LedouxCrochet Broomstick Lace Stitch Pattern 27 days ago
could we have written instructions  please 

Beautiful No Sew Roses

Mar 22, 2021 07:14:17

This time we`re going to make flowers using burlap. This material is popular in autumn, but I like it so much that I use it all year round. It will also be cool to use these roses in some spring wreaths: just make flowers with me now and then add some colourful ribbons and I`m sure your work will be wonderful.

Let`s make something gorgeous!

Things you need:

  • burlap ribbon 2-3″ wide (wider ribbon will make bigger roses)
  • bobby pins 
  • hot glue gun & glue sticks

Step 1.

Next, cut a piece of burlap ribbon about 1 yard in length. If you want smaller roses, you can cut a shorter piece. Lay your piece of burlap ribbon out as shown in the photo below. That initial fold is important for starting your DIY burlap roses correctly.

Step 2.

Starting from the right side, roll up the center of your rose tightly, as shown. You’ll stop rolling before you completely cover up the fold.

Step 3.

Now – you’ll keep holding onto that roll with your right hand, and with your left hand, you’ll fold the burlap away from you.

Step 4.

You’re going to just repeat these two steps (rolling, folding). Once your rose gets past the small stage, you can skip the “rolling” and just finish it off by folding away from you again and again.

Step 5.

When you’ve used up the length of your burlap ribbon, you’ll need to secure your rose. Fold the end of the burlap over so it can’t be seen from the front. I do this with 2 bobby pins in the back of the rose for a basic hold (perfect since burlap has holes in it!), and then hot glue to make sure it’s solid.

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