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How To Make Recycled T-Shirt Potholders

You can make some great woven potholders from up-cycled clothing! The potholders I just made from t-shirts, well I should specify and say actually from the sleeves of my daughter's old t-shirts, are so great I just had to share this idea with you.

I actually made two potholders from my finds from the neglected laundry basket. The pink and light green potholder was made from pink girl's knit tights, and the sleeves of a long-sleeved size girl's 8 t-shirt. The second t-shirt was made entirely from long sleeve t-shirt sleeves, and I should add, that with t-shirt material you can get a nicer sized potholder since it's less stretchy than tights and much less stretchy than store bought loops.Make beautiful things that are also useful!If you try this, I recommend putting them together while listening to a great podcast or watching a movie.


  • Loom and hook
  • T-shirts
  • Cloth scissors (Or a pair of regular scissors)
  • Fabric glue – Optional but recommended
How To Make Recycled T-Shirt Potholders
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1 comment
Mar 08, 2021 03:03 PM

I liked the pattern. I used to do potholders when I was younger.