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DIY Picture Frame Gift Wrap Organizer

Gift wrap is a love of mine. I can’t get enough of the stuff. Before making this gift wrap organizer I had all my gift wrap stuffed into a planter style urn. Not a good system – as it ruined the paper. I wanted a simple, beautiful and unique way to store all my wrapping paper, ribbon, washi tape and tissue paper. While at the thrift store one day, inspiration hit and a tutorial was born. Now all my paper is easy to reach and will stay perfect, plus – it looks so pretty hanging on the wall. In addition to being functional, it’s also a wee-bit of a decor piece on an otherwise blank wall. I want to wrap all the things!

This project took about two hours total from start to finish over the course of two days, but now I have this great little wrapping paper organizer and I’ve maximized storage in a place I wasn’t using before- behind the laundry room door !


  • A large frame (mine was a bit bigger than 24×36 inches)
  • 12 brass cup hooks
  • Rub n’ Buff or spray paint
  • Cordless Drill w/drill bit
  • 6 dowels (36 inches long, 1/2 inch thick)
  • Level, measuring tape, pencil
DIY Picture Frame Gift Wrap Organizer
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