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DIY Wooden Shoe Rack

Give yourself somewhere to store all your shoes by building a shoe rack for your home.

Surely more than once you have asked yourself what to do with so many shoes or where to put them. Surely more than one will have the shoemaker to burst or even, all shoes tucked in any way in a box waiting to find a better place. Wooden shoe rack are very fashionable, they are used for everything! This time it can not be less, why not use it as a shoemaker? Can you organize all the flat and sports shoes in these beautiful boxes and decorate the room while maintaining order in your shoes.

If you want to build a shoe rack yourself, you do not need to make your way to the hardware store right away. Look around your own home first – maybe you have several old wooden boxes in the garage or wooden pallets in the garden house? Today I will show you how to create the shoemaker that best suits your needs. Do not miss the tutorial of DIY wooden shoe rack.


  • Wood

Sizes Needed– 2- 3 feet by 11 inches

2- 1 foot by 11 inches

  • Table Legs

4- 3 prong T Nut (the size will have to match the size your table leg is)*

Nail Gun (new fav tool for my wood projects!)

Glue (liquid nails, e6000, whatever your preferred super glue is)

  • Optional:

I spray painted the bottoms gold. Because gold.

DIY Wooden Shoe Rack
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