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Butterfly Cupcake Toppers

Need some great cupcake toppers for your special event? Make your own colorful Spring butterfly accents to decorate cupcakes and party decor! Customize gifts, cards and party decor to fit your color scheme!

Nature is one of the best places to look for crafts inspiration. Butterfly crafts are among the most popular for decorations because they are beautiful, delicate, brightly colored, and intricately patterned. The return of flowers in the garden also means the return of beautiful butterflies fluttering around your yard, making these lovely DIY butterfly cupcake toppers the perfect way to decorate your own batch of cupcakes this spring. They look so beautiful on the cupcakes! These butterflies make it easy for home bakers to decorate like the professionals! You can also use them to decorate cakes and other food dish. Let’s try it. It’s so fun and easy!

Things You Need:

Butterfly Cuttings




Butterfly Cupcake Toppers
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