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How to Make a Bag: Easy DIY Tote Bag

Looking for a quick and easy sewing project? This easy tote bag pattern and tutorial is fast and turns out great! Very easy instructions to follow, and you will love how this cute bag turns out. Every woman loves a good bag-am I right? They can be filled with diapers and toys when you’re in mom mode, they can be cute and flirty when you’ve got a date, or they can be filled with your laptop and notebooks when you head to work or school.

Or sometimes in my case, they can be a bottomless pit filled with who knows what-how’d that French fry get there? Bags are one of my very favorite things to sew and the beauty of this bag pattern is that it’s super simple. It’s all straight lines-a perfect easy sewing project for beginners. And it’s super cute! You will love this easy tote bag pattern. If you don’t know how to sew a bag, this is a good place to start! This tote bag pattern is easy and you’ll love how it turns out! It’s got one fabric on the top, another on the bottom and I did a third inside. So you can customize it for the person you are making it for!


  • Fabric-Canvas or Duck. I used 3 fabrics-one for the top, one for the bottom and one for the inside. You need about 1/3 yard of your bottom fabric and about 1/2 yard each of the top and inner fabrics
  • Optional-fusible fleece interfacing to line the straps. You will only need about 1/4 yard for this.
How to Make a Bag: Easy DIY Tote Bag
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