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Pop Bottle Bird Feeders

How cute are these? These Pop Bottle Bird Feeders are super cute and super fun to make! The color possibilities are endless and super fun. It’s spring and definitely those birds are coming out. Don’t leave them hungry, let’s make some birdfeeders to keep them feeling happy. I’m sure your kids are going to love making these as they are a perfect recycling craft for the season.

Materials needed:

- 2 Litre Coke Bottles 
- Acrylic Paint
- Paint Brushes
- 1" Foam Brushes
- Sharp Scissors
- Brads (the type they use for cardmaking)
- Single Hole Punch
- Raffia
- Accents 
- Twine
- Can of waterproof paint sealer spray
- Glue Gun
- Drill and drill bit

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