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DIY Felt Flowers

It’s been a while we worked with some felt so today I decided to share this amazing tutorial which I found. I just love flowers and I feel that flowers are great for the spring. That’s why making these DIY felt flowers will be great for decorating your homes, parties, embellishing your clothes and much more. Your options with these gorgeous flowers are definitely without limits.

Materials needed:

1. Template for the petals and flower foundation
2. Felt
3. Scissors
4. Hot glue gun and glue
5. Paintbrush or something with a similar tip at the end (a pen or screwdriver would work)
6. Thin cardboard (from a cereal or shoe box)
7. Button, clip-on earring or bead for the center of the flower
8. Pin, barrette or comb for the back of the flower

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