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DIY Macrame Wall Hanging

It’s time to adore our homes by making this DIY macrame wall hanging. It’s a semi circle macrame wall hanging that can give your home that boost it needs. If you love boho inspired looks, then you certainly have to try this. I mean, it is so simple not to try. Let’s click on the link below, get all our materials ready and have fun!

Materials needed:

  • 7 pieces of 94” 4mm natural cotton macrame rope (3 ply twisted or single strand will work)
  • 6 pieces of 63” 3 or 4mm mustard cotton macrame string (or whatever color you prefer, this can be 3 ply twisted or single strand, used 3mm single strand but it would probably be better if all of the rope was the same diameter)
  • Wooden dowel to hold your work
  • Sharp scissors

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