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DIY Lace Vase

You know when you're just on a roll with something? That's a fun way of saying I'm obsessed with something...) I'd say I'm on a role with finding fun things to do with mason jars.

Today I have another DIY for you! This happens to be one of my favorite DIY projects I've done in a while. The end result is pretty, sophisticated and looks expensive (but in dact this project is really cheap to make)!

I promise you this craft project is way easier than it looks. You simply need a piece of lace, which can be in any color, really, not just white. I picked mine up at my local fabric store, but you can also find some really nice remnants and pretty lace ideas for cheap if you order online. I made two for my bedroom and put them on my end tables for soft lighting, then I made three more for Birthday gifts – all done in one afternoon, too. These mason jars are so pretty, you could really use them as party or wedding decor. So simple yet gorgeous!


  • Spool of lace
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Large mason jar
  • Spray paint
  • Paint brush
  • Glitter accent paint
  • A candle or flowers
  • Twine (wrap around mouth of jar)
DIY Lace Vase
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