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Easy Way to Make a Bird out of Clay

Spring is not only a season of bunnies and flowers but also a season of beautiful birds. The sound of spring is definitely the song of birds. That’s why today we’re going to learn a super easy way to make a bird out of clay. The final result will be great as a home decor or even a gift. Yeah, you can paint this or you can even add some extra details. Have fun!

Materials needed:

  • air dry clay (homemade or storebought),
  • styrofoam egg,
  • styrofoam ball (1.2″),
  • cardboard,
  • foam sheet (with sticky back or simple + double-sided tape),
  • bead (Optional),
  • craft knife,
  • scissor,
  • hot glue gun +glue,
  • plastic wrap,
  • sandpaper (optional).

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