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Craft Tin Can Planters

How many times have you thrown away empty cans without even thinking twice about it? After seeing these lovely tin can planters you might reconsider. They look adorable and they’re so easy to make you don’t really have any excuse not to try this project. They’re great for little succulents or for kitchen herbs.

It is always great to make something out of nothing. These little tin can planters recycle something you would normally discard. Make recycling fun by adding some color and some adorable succulents.They make for great little outdoor planters for the front porch or kitchen window! Make them in any hue- go for an ombre look, monochromatic, or multicolored. Get extra zealous and go for a two-toned look on one tin. Endless possibilities and creativity make this simple DIY fun and exciting!

Supplies you’ll need to craft a tin can planter:

  • tin cans (make sure they have been well washed and dried)
  • hammer
  • nail
  • spray paint (outdoor water and rust resistant spray paint preferred for longevity of these planters)
  • succulents or other small plants
  • soil
  • rocks
Craft Tin Can Planters
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