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Fabric and Elastic Bookmark

For a clever way to put your fabric scraps to use, create a few elastic bookmarks. This craft can definitely be hand-stitched, but break out the sewing machine if you plan to make more than one; you’ll save yourself a ton of time.

Want to make your own bookmark in about 5 minutes? This cute bookmark is one of the easiest sewing patterns you will find and perfect for a beginning sewer to try. This only takes a scrap of fabric and is a fun project for kids and teens! So, to fit with that theme, I’ve got a VERY quick and easy sewing project for you. It’s a bookmark that won’t fall out. It should take an experienced sewer about 5 minutes to make. Even a beginner can pull this baby off. I promise! And it’s fun to make your own bookmark.

Supplies Needed:

Scraps of fabric

Small piece of elastic (mine was 1/2 inch wide but really, most any width will do)

Fabric and Elastic Bookmark
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