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Super Cute Felt Birds

Our creativity sure will get a boost with these felt spring birds. Pick up your needles and stitch your way into producing as many of these birds as your chest can take. It's quite easy, just follow the instructions in the tutorial! These felt birds will be perfect as toys for kids, key holders, decor for the home and much more. They are just too beautiful, they will surely add colors to your home!

Materials needed:

  • thin soft felt (for the bird's body)
  • a thin hard felt (for the beak)
  • felt thin hard patterned (for wings)
  • magnet vinyl sheet
  • floss to match the felt
  • brown floss (for the eyes)
  • decorative buttons (to attach wings)
  • simple pencil
  • red pencil
  • needle
  • scissors
  • instant glue
  • synthetic fluff (quite a little)
  • pattern

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