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Valentine’s Day Heart Bookmark

What a wonderful Valentine heart corner bookmarks can be, and you can even make them super personal by scribbling a special little note on them. Corner bookmarks are a great origami for kids and beginners and with some scissor magic afterwards, you can easily transform them into a heart. What you need is only: origami paper in red or pink, and scissors! You can further decorate them with a personalised note or even adding an arrow or wings made out of paper to make it look even funkier.

If you are looking for a small treat to give to your favorite bookworm, this origami heart bookmark is a great choice. It is easy to fold, but the heart embellishment makes it a bit more decorative than an ordinary origami corner bookmark.

The origami heart bookmark in this tutorial is made from a single sheet of square origami paper. The best option is to use paper that is either 6 inches by 6 inches or 4 inches by 4 inches, depending upon how large you would like your finished bookmark to be. A solid-colored paper or a paper with a subtle pattern looks best for this project; bold patterns detract from the simplicity of the heart shape.

Equipment / Tools

  • Glue stick


  • 1 piece solid or patterned paper
  • Stickers (optional)
Valentine’s Day Heart Bookmark
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