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DIY Sea Glass Stepping Stone

It’s still winter but spring is less than two months away. Let’s learn how to make this DIY sea glass stepping stone that will be perfect for our gardens. Look at how beautiful these stepping stones are, they will certainly make your outdoors look gorgeous. So friends, let’s click on the link below and make these super easy to make stepping stones.

Materials needed:

  1. An old pan or plastic tub to use as a mold. A plastic plant pot saucer is perfect.
  2. Cement and builders sand
  3. Flat/matte white spray paint and clear glossy spray paint suitable for outdoor use
  4. Sea glass and any other hard stones, shells, pottery, or objects you’d like to embed into your stepping stone.
  5. Optional: a square of chicken wire or mesh that will fit inside your mold. Only necessary for big stepping stones.

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