Super Easy Floor Pillow

Jun 16, 2021 02:31 AM

If you don’t have floor pillows then you are missing out on a lot of comfort. They make it comfy to read books, watch movies and just relax on the carpet. Children absolutely love floor pillows! What are you waiting for? Let’s make some floor pillows for that extra comfort at home!

Materials needed:

  • Approximately 2 yards of fabric. I highly recommend using indoor/ outdoor fabric. It often has a coating that will resist stains. Since your DIY floor pillow will be living on the floor the added protection is a bonus.
  • One 14″ x 4″ strip of leather fabric (faux is fine)
  • Floor pillow stuffing- cotton, foam, or polyfill. I used 3lb. of Eversoft Foam Chips, it is very inexpensive (about $15 for one-floor pillow).

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