Nice Backpack For Your Summer Picnic

Apr 29, 2021 12:26 AM

I hope you already enjoy warm days and I would like you to offer to make a backpack where you can put all necessary things for your picnic. It`s quite pretty and useful. I suppose that it`ll be perfect for people with intermediate sewing skills. Your bag can be just monochrome or you can add some colours and make it even brighter and more colourful for summer season.

Things you need:

  • Front panel: One design (one wick of the same size),
  • Backboard: One design (same size one wick)
  • (* 30x39cm round shape )
  • Mirephon: 20x28cm1 sheet (1 sheet of size) /
  • Lining: 20x28cm1 sheets,
  • Cover: One 30x59cm another 28x29cm
  • Side panel: 9x81cm 1 piece
  • Zipper distance part: 5x50cm 2 pieces
  • Bag strap: 2 sheets of 10x84cm / 2 sheets of 10x14cm / 1 sheet of 8x26cm / 2 sheets of 4.5x5cm,
  • Side plate 9x81cm 1 piece / zipper side part 5x50cm 2 sheets /
  • Inside pocket 21x24cm,
  • One zipper 48cm / one 18cm, two D rings, two string adjustment rings

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