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Cute Towel Rings

I noticed that I became an absolute fan of wooden beads! There`re so many projects to make with them and practically all of them are completely gorgeous. Today I`m going to show you a diy for your bathroom. We`ll make with you wooden rings for your towels. You can paint them in the matching colours of your space and they are sure to become a nice zest in your decor.

Things you need:

  • 5” metal ring 
  • wire cutter or tile nipper 
  • unfinished wood beads(I used 3/4”/20mm, 1 ring takes 20 beads)
  • Rit dye in your choice of color 
  • Leather
  • Ruler
  • Scissors for cutting leather, or an exacto knife
  • Screw Punch
  • Glue  
  • large glass bowl or whatever you have that won’t stain from the dye, and is microwave safe .
  • metal spoon 
  • rubber gloves
  • paper towels

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1 comment
Apr 15, 2021 01:50 PM

This will be nice to do to update the bathroom where I might be moving to. Pinned it for later.