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DIY Fabric Pumpkins

Creating your own DIY fabric pumpkins is a fun and crafty way to add a touch of fall decor to your home. Not only will you have unique and personalized decorations, but you'll also be able to showcase your creativity and save money compared to buying pre-made pumpkins from a store. By following step-by-step instructions and using a variety of fabrics, you can customize the size, color, and pattern of your fabric pumpkins to match your existing decor or create a completely new and eye-catching centerpiece for any room in your home. Additionally, making DIY fabric pumpkins allows you to engage in a rewarding hands-on project that can be enjoyed by all ages. This project is easy and fun to make with the simple stated materials. This project can be completed in no time. 

Materials needed:

  • 1/4 yard fabric (color of pattern of choice)
  • Embroidery thread
  • Hand sewing needles
  • Fabric fusion
  • Corks
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Scissors
  • Bag of poly fill
  • Twine
  • Ribbon or lace
  • Seamstress measuring tape

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