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How To Make A Hardcover Book

There`s a plenty of notebooks and sketchpads in your nearest shop. I`m pretty sure. But if you want to make a unique design, this project is for you. This tutorial will explain you how to make a hardcover book for your needs. I think that it can be a perfect gift for a person who uses notebooks in the everyday life because it will be unique and remind the user of you. Let`s start to create!

Things you need:

  • 2 sheets of letter-sized paper
  • PVA glue 
  • Paint brush 
  • Thread 
  • Paper for pages (color and texture of your choice) 
  • Book binder's board 
  • Sheet of paper - will be cut down to 5 in x 4 ⅔ in 
  • Bone folder 
  • Awl 
  • Thick needle 
  • Ruler 
  • Pen 
  • Craft knife 
  • Cutting mat

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