Beautiful Scratching Post For Your Cat

Mar 29, 2021 07:34 AM

They say that it`s possible to teach your cat to use a scratching post only when it`s young. And you are to do it, if you want to avoid many problems with wallpapers, furniture and so on. Fortunately, my cat uses his post with pleasure and now it even need some repairment. But I have found a better idea: to make a colorblocked scratching post myself. Use the colours which match your room. Let`s try to make it!

Things you need:

  • 18″ round wood circle
  • 4×4 wooden fence post (about 20″ tall)-drill and long wood screws
  • white 4×4″ post cap
  • white paint
  • 150 ft of 1/4″ nylon rope*
  • pink and yellow dye
  • bucket and salt (to dye the rope)
  • staple gun (or hammer and small nails)
  • white and pink (or white and yellow) electrical tape

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