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Easiest Baby Doll

Having a baby doll is one of the most memorable experiences that any parent can give. They are soft, cuddly and a delight to hold. What's not to love? And if you're looking for the easiest baby doll to make, then look no further. This project is easy to make with the stated materials. This project will help you in making the easiest baby doll for your kids. It is also a great addition to your collection of toys for your kids.

Materials needed:

  • Batting 
  • Gray embroidery floss & needle 
  • Canvas or whatever fabric you want to use for the baby's face/body (1/4 yard) 
  • Coordinating fabric (1/4 yard)
  • Minky (1/3 yard)
  • White ruffle trim
  • Pink and white thread
  • Thin ribbon for hair
  • Disappearing ink pen for fabric
  • Fray check 

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