How To Make Colourful Plates

Mar 23, 2021 01:45 AM

My original dish set is white and I have been using it for quite a long time. So I decided to refresh it and add some colour. Let`s create with me these beautiful watercolour plates! If you like it, then You can add some colour to your cups, bowls on so on.

Let`s start!

Things you need:

  • Water-based porcelain paint
  • Pebeo Paint in turquoise, blue, gold and a thinner. BUT they’re not all food safe, so do your own research on what is food safe and what’s not
  • Porcelain oven-safe plates 
  • Paint rushes 
  • Small glass jars for mixing

Step 1.

Add a small amount of color into each glass jar. Add in the thinner until you reach a watercolor consistency. Mix using a wooden stick or spoon.

Step 2.

Using a dropper and brushes, drop the paint onto a clean plate. Swirl, brush, dot… use whatever technique you want to achieve your desired look! 

Step 3.

Once the paint is dry (24 hours later), bake for 35 minutes in a 300-degree oven.

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