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Felt Moon Ornament

You should no longer have a boring Christmas tree when you can make this amazing moon tree ornament. With a few materials and little effort, adorn you Christmas tree with this ornament. I'm sure you're excited already, jump on the link below, follow the step by step instructions and make yourself a moon tree ornament. Be sure to make them in different colours too.

Materials Needed

  • Thin, flexible felt
  • Carpet & button thread
  • Thinner, regular thread for beading (whatever you have that goes through the beads)
  • Thin needle for beading (beading needle is ideal, but other needles can work)
  • Sturdy sewing needle (to use with carpet & button thread)
  • Seed beads or bugle beads
  • Poly-fil/Fiber fill or other stuffing
  • Tailor’s pencil/pen
  • Scissors
  • Paper/cardboard/printer/cookie cutter – DIY “pattern” supplies
  • Capped pen

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