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Paper Christmas Tree

I bet your walls could use a little colour this season, it wouldn't mind having a sprinkle of beauty. Check out this paper Christmas tree garland, totally stress less to make with affordable materials.

Let the voice of the Christmas be heard even from your front door, let it speak joy and happiness with this super cute paper Christmas tree garland. Do well to make cookies available at all times because this unique paper Christmas tree garland is inviting.

Materials Needed
  • Colored cardstock (note: make sure to buy cardstock that’s colored on both sides – unlike scrapbook paper, which is usually white on the back.)
  • Paper cutter (or scissors and a ruler)
  • Glue Dots (optional: you could also use a hot glue gun for this part!)
  • Glitter stars
  • Hot glue gun and glue
  • Twine or string

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