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DIY Macrame Towel Hanger

Hello my macrame friends! It’s been a while we did some gorgeous looking macrame crafts and today we’re going to make this DIY macrame towel hanger. This will be perfect in your bathrooms and in your kitchens. You can use it to hang your towels and I’m sure that will definitely make a big difference. After all, it’s very unhygienic to be picking up your towels from the floor or having to wash them too frequently. 

Materials needed:

  • 5 mm single strand macrame string in the following lengths:
  • 5 pieces @ 96 inches long (244 cm)
  • 1 piece @ 20 inches long (51 cm)
  • 2 wooden rings (used 2″ for this example, but 3″ or 4″ rings would work better for thicker kitchen towels)
  • some 50 mm wooden rings (about 2″)
  • and some 90 mm wooden rings (about 3.54″)
  • you could also use small 3″ embroidery hoop rings as towel rings- just use the inner ring
  • sharp scissors
  • tape to secure your work to your desk (optional)

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