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How To Make A Funny Porch Gnome To Welcome Your Guests

The decoration of the front door can tell a lot about the host. I absolutely adore this funny porch gnome as well as my guests. He really puts smiles on their faces and in this project we`ll make with you such a gnome. I like the idea, that he matches every season of the year, if you can change a little bit his hat and clothes.

The project begins...

Things you need:

  • tomato cage
  • mop head 
  • plastic toy baseball or something to resemble nose
  • material for the hat
  • material for the body
  • fiber fill stuffing 
  • glue gun and glue

Step 1.

Start by using a piece of duct tape and taping together the top tips of the tomato cage.

Step 2.

Lay out your material on the floor, measure and cut enough material to wrap around 3/4 of your tomato cage. Use hot glue to attach the material to the cage.

Step 3.

Attach your gnome`s beard. Break off the mop head part of each broom.  I honestly, just cracked it off. Then I found a piece of wire and put it through both mop pieces so that they stayed together nicely. Then I poked the wire through the material just about the top circle of the tomato cage. Use the wire to hold most of the beard in place and then use hot glue to glue your mop head to the material and to the cage wire.

Step 4. 

Make your gnome`s hat. I measured material wide enough to wrap around the base of where I wanted his hat to lay and added an extra 2". Fold the material in half and cut it into a longer triangle. Then use your hot glue gun to glue a new seam along the long edge of your triangle. Once it has dried, turn your hat inside out so that cut side is on the inside.

Step 5.

Then you need to stuff your hat. I stuffed some and then put the hat on and stuffed it while it was on. How you stuff it is entirely up to you. For my gnomes nose, I used a plastic baseball. I put some stuffing around it and then used some off-white material to wrap around all of it. Then I hot glued the ball into place around the mop head. To give your gnome a more full beard, pull apart some of the mop pieces so that they get more full and more stringy looking.

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