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Macrame fluffy feathers

If you want to transform your room a little bit you can follow this easy tutorial. These fluffy feathers are sure to add a unique and stunning atmosphere into your space. 

Use any colour you like to create these simple knots. So let`s start to create together!

Things you need:

  • Hot glue gun and sticks
  • Scissors 
  • Handsaw
  • Comb and/or a furminator

  • Stick or something to hang your feathers on
  • Yarn (all of my feathers took about 2 skeins)
  • Stiffened felt

Step 1.

Cut a piece of yarn a little more than twice as long as you want your final feather to be. Put this aside.

Now decide how wide you want your final feather to be and find something that’s approximately that width. Wrap your yarn around this object at least 30 times. Once you’ve finished wrapping, cut one side of the yarn so that you end up with similar length pieces.

Step 2.

Grab the first string that you cut in step 1 and add a little loop and a knot up towards the top. The loop doesn’t have to be too big. It’ll be used later to hang the feathers to your stick.

Step 3. 

Grab two pieces of yarn and fold each of them in half (photo 1 below). Slide one piece of yarn underneath the middle piece, and weave the second piece through the loop of the first piece (photos 2-3). Then, pull the “tails” of the first string through the loop of the second piece (photos 4-5) and pull your strings tight. Repeat until your feather is mostly done.

Step 4. 

As you get closer to the bottom, remember that you don’t need to add yarn all the way down. You should stop when the tail of your middle piece is about the length of the strings you are adding on either side. Double or triple knot the tails of your middle piece so that the yarn you already added doesn’t slide towards the bottom when you pull them.

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